The workshop on   Internet of Things (IOT) Security: Issues and Innovations (W3I 2017),  is to provide a congenial yet serious platform for experts from academia and industry to interact with young researchers in Computer  Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Developments in IOT security domains will have a large role to play in future  IOT based system design and technologies focusing on being user friendly, and energy efficient. The workshop would enable fruitful discussions between experts and other delegates leading to concrete contributions towards advancing the state of art.W3I2017 will be held in in Chennai (India) in conjunction with the 18th ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking & Computing (MobiHoc'17).

 All paper accepted in this workshop will be submitted for inclusion into  the  ACM proceedings, provided at least  one of the authors of each paper registers for the workshop and presents the paper.

  Original, unpublished research papers are solicited from industrial and academic researchers in the topics listed below. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

      Security in Smart City Applications

     Security in Crowd Sensing and Management

     Secure systems for Smart Grids and Energy Management

     Security and Privacy Issues in IoT based e-Commerce

     Innovative Applications in Secure systems

     Secure Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks

     Secure Routing in Cooperative Communications

     Security and Privacy in CRN

     Privacy issues in wearable computing and e-healthcare

     Privacy issues in web services

     Privacy issues in mobile sensing

     Privacy issues in social and behavioral studies

     Location/Localization privacy

     Privacy technologies for digital currency and mobile payment

     Hardware-related privacy technologies

     Privacy threats in IOT based systems and countermeasures