Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged into a rapidly growing application space of paramount significance that promises a staggering 75 billion connected devicesto be embedded in our environment within the next five years. Fuelled by higher level of computing efficiency and miniaturization coupled with ubiquitous connectivity, IoT devices create new application opportunities in diverse domains – from smart implants/wearables to smart homes and smart cities. With continued advances in technology, design of new and advanced sensors, pervasive connectivity, and the trend in business towards cloud-driven data-centric solutions, the future is projected to see an even higher proliferation of electronic systems comprising of such devices that coordinate through cloud to solve complex, distributed tasks.

While the IoT space provides huge set of opportunities to manufacturers and consumers alike, it creates new demands in terms of security, trust, and privacy in the computing and communication platforms used in these devices. The unique demands of diverse IoT systems including their ubiquitous connectivity and long life in potentially harsh environments, make them vulnerable to many security issues, including unprecedented ones. This panel will focus on some of the pressing issues related toIoT security and privacy,which are relevant to both industry and academia, challenges, and emergingsolutions.

This one day workshop covers one keynote talk, paper presenations  and interactive discussion sessions,whichwill cover general security issues, solutions as well as specific case studies related to the security issues and solutions during the design and deployment of example IoT devices including smart implants, wearables, and drones. The workshop  will touch upon several fundamental questions in this field,   and stimulate interest in students and researchers to explore further.

Workshop Venue

For more information about venue , please visit  MobiHoc 2017.

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